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Advanced Cleaning

Apex Fire Services utilizes a revolutionary cleaning process that effectively removes contaminants, toxins and unburned fuels from all ensemble types without damaging the protective garment fibers.  Ensemble and ensemble elements that are soiled shall receive advanced cleaning prior to reuse.   We offer several types of specialized cleaning services to meet the specific needs of your department:

Normal Contamination
  • Light contamination through the use of daily fire fighting conditions.
  • Removal of light concentrations of contaminants, including smoke,
    soot, dirt and hydrocarbon build-up.
Specialized Contamination
  • Heavy contamination concentrations such as fuel, oil, paint, tar, acids, resins and other harmful contaminants.
Bio-Hazard Contamination
  • Disinfection of garments contaminated by blood born pathogens, blood and bodily fluids, bacteria, HIV and Hepatitis.

Examples Of Our Decontamination Process

Click to download our examples of automotive paint

Apex Fire Services provides a cleaning solution for all types of equipment, including:

  • Structural fire fighting ensembles
  • Proximity fire fighting ensembles
  • Wildland brush gear
  • Helmets
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Hoods
  • Air packs
  • Hose
  • Station uniforms
Apex Fire Services maintains detailed records as to all work performed on all ensembles and ensemble elements. The NFPA 1851 Standard provides for a “cradle to grave” documentation for all ensembles and ensemble elements, including:
  • Date of advanced cleaning or decontamination
  • Reason(s) for advanced cleaning or decontamination
  • Date of repairs, who performed the repairs and a description of the repair
  • Date and findings of advanced inspections

Barcoding of ensembles and ensemble elements may be required by Apex Fire Services if there is any question as to the original manufacturer serial number or manufacturer label.



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